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Sales secrets & negotiation skills. A practical book on the basics of successful selling and negotiation skills.

“Where human beings need water to exist, companies need marketing and sales strategies to survive turbulent times.” Learn the 9 steps to successful sales and discover super tips to make your next negotiation process a success. Chapters include: Identifying your target market, as well as competitors. Plan & future proof your business.  Learning everything about your customer's business. Understanding the marketing process. Preparing a sales presentation. Face-to-face selling while listening. Feedback and focusing on the 2nd sale. The elements of negotiation. The communication procedure. The actual process. 
This is a full PDF colour version of the published book. However you can buy an E-Format version (ISBN 9781458010759), i.e. Kindle, Sony reader, Palm Doc, Plain text, RTF, Epub, etc, please click here.


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