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I've been a Diabetic for almost 30 years and with no eye,nerve,or other organ damage, it would be fair to say I have walked my talk. I'm my same weight for about the same amount of years and would like to share my winning formula with the world. For a life's lesson read my book called "I live because I choose to" It will inspire, uplift and motivate you to view this condition differently.

“I live because I choose to”... Written in simple language will inspire, uplift and give you new zest for life as a diabetic. There is so much information out there that the effort to understand it all, sometimes becomes a task on its own. People has to deal with the fact that they now have a condition that needs focus and attention. Trying to unravel the mystery of what works and how it should be done, could seem like just to much effort. This book attempts to address many of your concerns about diabetes as my journey has been a great one for almost 30 years.

It will help you to understand it in a way that allows you to adopt a good attitude and it will give you a better understanding of the condition. It will take the fear out of not knowing its dangers and threats. You will enjoy foods that you did not think possible to enjoy. Mostly it will help you live a long and healthy life! Your destiny is determined by the choices you make in life as well as what you decide you want from the future. It is not a “which wires should I cut” guessing game. It is an opportunity to live your life without self-inflicted pain, suffering and hopelessness.

This is a full PDF colour version of the published book. However you can buy an E-Format version (ISBN 9781301563142), i.e. Kindle, Sony reader, Palm Doc, Plain text, RTF, Epub, etc, please click here.


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